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About me



The Nathalie JeanPhilippe LLC is a top-tier specializing in luxury, residential and commercial real estate in South Florida. Our distinctive approach to service, branding and marketing allows our team of real estate professionals to provide unparalleled service to our clients. For over ten years, we have expanded our domestic and international markets, allowing us the pleasure of serving numerous celebrity clients and the public along the way. With the support of our real estate coordinators, transaction managers, title and our mobile signing and closing partners we are able to manage each transactions from start to finish ensuring a smooth experience for our clients. In every transaction, we strive for perfection while seeking a state-of-the-art approach of sharing our passion and mission throughout worldwide.

Getting to Know Nathalie

As a former mortgage broker has worked for Wells Fargo, formerly known as World Savings/Wachovia, and various mortgage brokerages, Nathalie is well-versed in real estate, mortgages, loan programs, property management, and debt consolidation strategies. She uses her experience today when assisting our clients in situations where loans or liens must be paid or settled to accommodate a sales transaction. Nathalie is a REALTORĀ® and Real Estate Investor. She is well known throughout the community. She has an extensive amount of experience as a certified closing agent and a member of the Florida Real Estate Investors Association, an organization that educates local real estate investors on the ethical and legal procedures governing real estate transactions. She is a member of the National Realtor Association, Women’s Council of Realtors, and other networking groups.

When an individual with this type of knowledge and experience is also your listing agent, the process becomes smoother, more comfortable, and more transparent. Nathalie takes her role seriously and goes above and beyond to assist sellers in getting the results they desire. Moreover, Nathalie works with buyers who may not be economically ready to purchase now but want to work on their credit or financial goals for homeownership. She will continue to work with them until they are financially stable to buy. She has various contacts to assist new buyers to accomplish the goal of homeownership. Nathalie takes pride in her work and desires to help others. She works with over 25K investors and real estate professionals throughout the world. Her background and experiences make her the perfect candidate to assist, buy, and sell any home.


Nathalie specializes various aspect of real estate. She works hands on with grieving families going to through the tough times of losing a loved one. As an Executor or Administrator to the estate of your loved one it can be time consuming going through the probate process. Hiring the right agent who understands the process is key to closing on the estate.

Medical professionals often work very long hours. Expanding your portfolio can be a drawn out process. No need to worry, Nathalie works with medical professionals throughout the world who wish an expand their portfolios or downsizing their portfolio.